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Web Designing trends to watch for in 2018

Web Designing trends to watch for in 2018

Web design is changing with every year, 2017 saw many advancement and new trends. This year we have widely noticed mobile usage overtaking desktop browsing. This means 2018 is going to have to fully utilize mobile functionality in ways we’ve never seen before while desktops must continue to evolve to stay relevant.

  1. Bold Typography – Bold Typography will be going to take center stage. In 2017 we have already seen colorful, playful, and artistic fonts taking the place of images. This is expected to continue in 2018 too. Replacing banner images with this type of Bold Typography helps to reduce page load time improving its performance which will be really good for mobile devices too.web design Bahrain trends2Use of vibrant colors – Vibrant colors are going to be a trend setter in the coming year. 92% of customers say that visual language is the #1 influencing factor of their purchasing decision. Use of bright colors can make your site more inviting. You’ll also notice the emergence of “flashing” or “vibrating” colors in many website UIs. While these color combinations create incredibly striking effects —they seem to linger in your eye as you scroll on.Web design Bahrain 3. Broken Grid layout – Another trend that will be emerging is Broken grid layout which means images and text elements drift into and across the gutters that usually serve as hard stops in more sober layouts. This can produce an exceptional user experience.Web designing trends 20184. Mastering Mobile Design- With mobile traffic is surpassing desktop browsing, the demand for responsive website is really high and essential. 80% of internet users are owning a smartphone and they are using it. In fact, the average time spent on mobile devices is steadily increasing and has gone up to over 5 hours per day, according to TechCrunch. The roll-out burger has become established, minimizing the menu for the small screen. Web design trends5.Shadows and depth – Shadow play creates a surprisingly versatile effect that increases not only the aesthetics of a web page, but also helps User Experience (UX). Combination of soft subtle shadows with vibrant color gradients is setting a trend!!Web design bahrain6.SVG Image – Scalable Vector Graphics are becoming more common, VGs are lightweight vector images that ensure graphics, icons and logos look pixel perfect regardless of screen size or resolution.

7.  Animations – Animations are capable of creating a delightful experience. Animations are lightweight javascript that allow movement to be created as a natural part of the background, all without taking too long to load. They can also help provide information and lead the user through more active engagement with the design.web design trends8. Story Telling – You might see this trend pop up sometime in 2018. Companies that take advantage of storytelling to convey a message on their website. With bold typography, this is a great way to grab your user’s attention and create an emotional connection. Show them who you are, your history or your strengths.

9. Security – Malicious attacks and malware seem to be happening more and more lately. Having proper security for your website is an essential trend! As the online world evolves and adapts, your website must adapt also.

2018 is going to be an excellent year for new web design trends. The underlying question around all these design trends is: How can I get (and keep) my users’ attention and focus? The answer is: with vibrant colors, SVGs, animations, videos, and bold headlines.

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