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This is what Pokemon Go can do to your business

This is what Pokemon Go can do to your business

Only few people would think of growing their business with the existing Gaming craze, especially the most trending Pokemon Go. Yes you read it right, Pokemon craze can help you go notice among your targeted customers. Pokemon Go has been beating twitter and Facebook app for the daily users chart. Here are few tips to help you get started:

  • Make your work station a Pokeplay station

Invite players to play at your Business. Use your social channels to invite people to come play at your location. Your first step to boosting social media engagement via Pokémon Go is to get players to your business.

  • Give free wifi and charging stations.

If you want Pokémon Go players to play at your business, there are two vital things they’ll need: Wi-Fi and charging stations. Use your social channels and window signage to let people know that you offer both so they’ll feel welcome to play.

  • Ask Players to Tag Their Photos

For maximum social exposure, ask players to share their favorite Pokémon photos taken at your business and tag your business when they do. Depending on which social network they share to, they can either tag your business in the post or tag it as the location they were playing at. Either will give your business some social media engagement among the player’s audience, and further if they share the post publicly.

  • Do not forget to checkin

Encourage players to check in while playing. This will boost your social engagement and hopefully the check-ins will either lead to more players coming to your business or new reviews on your Facebook page.

  • Snap Chat should also be included

Encourage players to share the poke-memories in snapchat. Although you can’t get customers to add your custom geofilter to their snaps from Memories, you can encourage players to share snaps of catching Pokémon inside your business.

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