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Technology can make your life stress-free

Technology can make your life stress-free

As life gets complicated, some gadgets can make it really easy in this modern world. We find many ways to free life from stress, from doodling to coloring. Here are 5 cool stress relief gadgets that can make life fun and easy:



Bucky cubes consists many cubes which are super strong and can attract objects that are bigger many time in size. Bucky cubes are perfect building blocks that allow you to create amazing patterns and relieve stress along the go.



Svet Light Bulb

In some cases, your stress might be caused by high exposure to artificial lighting. This may vary from one individual to another but if you think this is a cause to your stress build-up, check out Svet, a high-end technology light bulb which mimics natural light. It can finetune your current surroundings to keep you energized or relaxed, and it’s safe for your eyes.


Solar System paperweight

Sometimes Science can be of help to reduce stress, something like this. In this beautiful paperweight is a small scale version of our solar system. It gives you a reminder that sometimes what you think is a big problem, isn’t actually that big. And that there is more out there than what happens at your desk or in your office.


Desktop Foosball

Fancy a game off foosball, inside the office? Get a colleague to play and release stress together. This miniature foosball table measures 1.25″ x 4″ x 8″ and is also available in a green-field design.


Desktop Rugby

Play rugby at your desk. The set comes with a rugby ball, the kicking tee and the poles you see in the shot below. This probably works only for rugby or football fans. Don’t stress out, play ball!


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