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Some Design factors to consider while creating your Real estate Website

Some Design factors to consider while creating your Real estate Website

Today home buyers as well as Sellers are looking for resources, People tends to make a purchasing decision based on reference and research. As per the Joint study done by The National Association of Realtors real estate related Google searches are increased by 253%! And today nearly 92% do online search before making a purchase decision.

People are using internet to find the property of their needs and budget turning internet to a knowledgeable real estate agents, who can retrieve the results they are looking for.

So now you understood the importance of Real estate website right? Now we will share you some Design element to consider while you create your Real Estate Management System.

1. Clear property Information –

As you know each person is unique and there tastes are also unique. You website should have a precise filter option, which can help the user to find the correct one as per their location or price or interest.

You website is actually replacing your role as a Real estate agent so it should also have the ability to fetch the right ones for your customer.

Many surveys say that users are more convenient in buying a home if they find the following options –

  • Property Photos
  • Detailed Property information
  • Virtual Tours really helps them to get the detailed idea.
  • Neighborhood information
  • Interactive maps.
  • Property Video, another detailed insight!

By including the above options increase the ROI as well as user trust and interaction.

2. Customized Search feature –

Your website should have the option for customized search options, it helps user to sort out the list by adding their interest, budget, location, amenities etc. By including attractive photos, videos and detailed property description also increase user’s interaction and expectation.

3. Fast Loading Pages –

For every one time is valuable and when it comes to consumers it is really an essential part. Users tends to leave a site if it page loading time exceeds 5s. So it is highly recommend to keep you page load time minimum. If your page loads fast there is high chance users navigate through it. So make sure your page loads quickly, see some tips to reduce page load time –

  • No Pop-up
  • Reduce image size to improve loading time.
  • Switch to a web hosting provider with higher speed.
  • Work with a best web designer to reduce page load time.

4. Inviting page layout

An attractive and inviting page develops an interest among the users to navigate more on the page. Simple yet catchy design really plays well. See some of the tips –

  • Provide a brief content. Avoid long paragraphs
  • Use headings and bullet lists to make it easy to skim.
  • Don’t overwhelm users with too much data. Include some spaces in between to avoid a sophisticated look.
  • Use meaningful graphics. Avoid any visual elements not directly connected to your goal.

5. Responsive Websites –

90% of Bahrain population use internet on their mobile phones, so it’s essential for your website to be mobile friendly. It is a mandatory feature which helps your customers to access it from any device.

6. Search Engine Optimized Content –

When a buyer or a seller searched for your site, if you want your site to be seen then you should implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Users might look for information on buying a home, selling a home, or finding a local realtor. Search engines likes Google, Bing retrieve results based on a variety of factors, many of which come from your website. Most people only look at the top two or three results before making a decision. So SEO helps you to reach the right audience and increasing the chance of getting leads.

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