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Facebook revamp with new bots for Messenger

Facebook revamp with new bots for Messenger

Introducing several new updates and modifications, Facebook is revamping the bots and Messenger platform.

Hearing it from the Head of Messenger at Facebook, David Marcus, makes things more clear, “over 11,000 bots have launched on Messenger and over 23,000 developers have signed up for Wit.ai’s Bot Engine.”

Here are the new updates:


Facebook users can now give a star rating, as well as text feedback, to bot developers. These reviews are only accessible the bot developer via email through a dashboard. It’s not like the ratings we’re used to seeing in app stores, public pages, and venue reviews on Facebook.

Quick Replies

One common problem with bots in messaging platforms and other apps is not knowing what they can and can’t do. To help resolve this, “Quick Replies” will serve as a more guided experience for people as they interact with bots. This not only helps set expectations of what it can do, but it also features dynamic buttons that correlate to the bots’ responses.

Persistent Menu

This menu is accessible at any time to the user. It is intended for “top-level” actions that can be selected at any point in the conversation, such as “Help”, “Start New Order” and “View Website”. This aims to help first-time or frustrated users who feel like they’re not getting the best use out of the bots. The Persistent Menu will also appear after certain amounts of inactive time.

Account Linking

A new, powerful feature is the ability to identify your existing customers within Messenger, such as someone who has an account with your business’ website, product, or service. Facebook introduced a secure protocol to link and unlink the person’s Messenger profile with your business and bots. This provides businesses and brands the opportunity to have deeper conversations with customers.

More User Control

People will have the ability to personalize the experiences they have with bots. This means the option to mute a bot (similar to muting a conversation with friends in Messenger), and as mentioned above, the ability to send direct feedback to the developer if there are any ideas or criticisms of the bot. Facebook wants the dialogue between users and developers to be a bit more open.

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