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Do you want to create your website, perfect as P-E-R-F-E-C-T?

Do you want to create your website, perfect as P-E-R-F-E-C-T?

Create your perfect website with these golden tips.

Unclear Navigation

If your website is totally twisted and all the buttons that links the home pages to the inner pages are hidden like in a dense forest, this will definitely lead to chaos when the website functions. It should be organized properly with clear identification and descriptions. Unnecessary things will not grasp the view of the consumer and your website might not get the exposure needed.

Call to action

Have all the buttons in the website like for registering, downloading, signing up, viewing, sharing or purchasing, in working condition. Web designers should never forget the importance of call to action. Visitors need a well devised working system that allows them to do the stuff mentioned above.


If you are going for an old trend website, you can skip this part. But if you want an attractive fresh look for your website, this is an important feature that needs attention. There are so many gadgets of various sizes and your website needs to have a resolution that fits each of them. If you have created a website that has only a desktop version then it will be quite clear that people who use cell phones will never try to waste time by going through it.

SEO Friendly Content

A website should be SEO friendly because you need it to appear on all search engines. The more it appears the more people will select to view it. The content should have specific keywords that make it visible on the search bars.

Say no to multiple windows

Multiple frames of windows complicate the user’s experience because they take a lot of time to load and ties up system resources. It is better if you have all the info on one page of the website.

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