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Be sure about brand loyalty. Influence through Social Media.

Be sure about brand loyalty. Influence through Social Media.

Consumers love to be cared and understood. Brand loyalty depends on this same fact. When consumers feel comfortable with your brand, they will come to trust and care for your brand. As a promoter you should know how to evoke that loyalty from your consumers and here are some ways you can:


It’s vital to your brand to understand on which social platforms your audience is most active, what they seek out on these channels, and ultimately, how you can give them what it is they’re after. By knowing that your brand’s audience is between Y-Z years old, skews male, has an average household income of n thousand dollars, and enjoys recreational badminton, you’re off to a good start, but it’s just the start. Your brand’s marketers must also discover that their audience is most active on Twitter and Instagram, appreciates dry, satirical humor, and wants to feel a sense of belonging coupled with a slight air of exclusivity. This will better enable your brand’s marketing team to deliver messaging that most directly suits the audience they are attempting to target.


There are actually two equally important pillars to consider when thinking of how you’re going to speak to your audience. On the one hand, we have to consider the proactive content, which will go out to all of your audience in one fell swoop. And on the other, we must look at the reactive content, which will address individual mentions on a case by case basis. In order to create successful and lasting brand loyalty through proactive content, it’s vitally important to look at the broader picture. You’re not just creating a stream of single isolated posts, but instead, you want to create a community, a culture, and a cohesive environment in which your audience can become immersed.


It’s essential, in order to convey honesty and plausibility to your audience, to find influencers who are already known within the niche your brand occupies. Finding fashion influencers to speak about an electronics brand is going to likely alienate, rather than attract, your audience. Once you’ve found the right influencers for the job, you’ll also want to make sure to give them sufficient direction, not to stifle their creativity, but to ensure that they’re emphasizing the components of your brand that are most likely to lead to advocacy.


There are a number of varying approaches to encouraging your audience to share their own ‘user-generated content,’ so choosing the best one for your brand will likely take some serious contemplation. No matter which way you choose to urge your audience to share – be it through a simple plea or a contest invitation – the value to your brand will be consistent throughout. There are few better ways of keeping audience members coming back than by appealing to their egos, and a little recognition can go a long way in that respect.

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