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5 Tips For Successful Email Marketing

5 Tips For Successful Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost effective and responsive way to get new clients and leads.  It is a marketing methodology for strengthening and growing relationships with our customers and prospects who have reached out to you. With the help of email marketing you can inform your clients or prospects about your company’s or brands news, New product launch, Offers,  educational email newsletter etc. Newsletter gives you the opportunity to build an interactive dialogue with your B2B customers and prospects. By sending timely articles that solve current business problems, you show your customers that you understand them and their needs.

We will share with you some Reasons why you should try email marketing*!!


  • There are more than 3.2 billion email accounts today.
  • 95% of online customers use email, 91% check email at least once a day.
  • Email has longer lifespan than social media.
  • 77% of consumers prefer email for marketing communication.
  • Email lets you to be highly personal.
  • Email has an ROI of 4300%

*Source – exacttarget(1.2), Direct marketing Association(4,6)

Now read the 5 tips for making your email marketing much more effective:


  1. Plan your Goals and Strategy – Like any other marketing methods, knowing your goal is important. When you set out to launch an email campaign, consider whether you are looking to re-engage past customers, build trust with active customers, or boost short-term ROI with a promotion. Once your goals are defined, your strategy can follow suit and ensure your emails (and your messaging) stay on track.


  1. Create Relevant, Customer focused content – Don’t simply target on promoting your brand or service or products. Your Emails should be crafted in such a way that it is more on the issues and ideas your customers are interested in. Your mail can be any of the following –  informative, educative, how to, any offers for your customer’s, any new product launch, best practices and actionable strategies or anything which will be useful for your customers.

For getting an idea we will share with you some customer-focused email newsletter topics:

  • Lists and tips – lists and tips with titles that begin like “Seven Steps to…” or “The Top Five Ways to…” etc.
  • Problems and Solutions – you can feature some common problem’s your customer likely to come across and provide ideas on how to solve them. If any of your service could resolve the problem mention them too, which helps you to market your product too!
  • Technology related news – Inform your customers on how they can take advantage of recent technological developments to be more effective.
  • Industry news and trends — write about new developments in your industry that your customers can take advantage of.
  • Case studies — Write case studies of how others have improved their operations.


  1. Include Call to Action Button – Even though the focus of your email newsletter is to educate customers and prospects, this is a great opportunity to present them with relevant offers to generate leads and sales or encourage Website visits. Which means majority of the content will be along with this a small promotion will work fine. Include a call to action button to reach your offer, or service or the page you want your visitors.


  1. Use Email Marketing Management System – Don’t use your personal email account for email broadcasts. An email marketing campaign management system will help you automate the entire process of building your lists, designing your template and delivering your messages and measuring the success of your campaigns. Or, if you want to outsource the entire process, a capable online marketing agency can manage this process for you, providing a turn-key solution for your entire B2B email marketing campaign.

Another advantage of using Email Marketing Management System is that it also allows us to track the progress and success rate of your campaigns as well as identify actionable strategies to improve your results in the future.


  1. Timing – Since you are doing email marketing it is not wise to crowd your customer’s inbox with your services. This will create a bad user experience. Best practice is that email recipients receive only one email from you in a 7-day period. And also the ideal times to deploy to consumers are Tuesday-Thursday between 10 am-2 pm, and again after 5 pm. However, for some industries, Mondays, Fridays and even Sundays are becoming more popular. So it’s important to do a basic survey about your customers or prospects nature of work and schedule your deployment for when you think they will most likely be accessible to see your email.


Interested in Doing Email Marketing?

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