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Why payment gateway is important for your online business?

Payment gateway is an e-commerce service that process, verify and accept or decline direct payments or credit card processing on behalf of merchants using secure internet connections. Integrating online payment saves time by no longer making individual go to bank and to pay to the desired account, simplifying the entire payment process allowing the business to accept payments in the form of credit cards, debit cards, net banking and other payment types.

Digital wallet is now becoming popular in Bahrain market too. The recent launch of CrediMax’s digital wallet ‘MaxWallet’, a joint initiative is announced by CrediMax and BBK to provide more services and make available a number of easy to use features and benefits in a digitally secured and rapid growing financial service environment.

Why your business needs it?

Safe Transaction

Payment gateways use high-end encryption and successfully protect confidential data, eliminating fraud for both the customer and the merchant. Guaranteeing a safe transaction goes a long way in sustaining your business.

Integration saves time

By implementing online payment option whole online store is brought to customers fingertips, they can purchase products or service by simply using their debit/ credit or net banking eliminating the wastage of time in Pos also.

Business expansion

Payment gateways allow shoppers from all around the globe to have access to your website by catering to a diverse range of payment methods.

No long queue

By implementing online payment solutions you are saving your customers valuable time as well as improving their overall shopping experience. With this there is no more waiting in lines at stores.

Cashless Transaction

Go cashless this is a common motto nowadays ; everybody prefers carrying a card rather than bundles of cash. It’s safe as well as secure. Giving people an option to use their cards securely from the comfort of their home is a great option.

24*7 Accessibility

By integrating online payment you are taking your store 24*7 online providing your customer a good shopping experience irrespective of time and space.

Want an Ecommerce site for your Business?

Then you are making a right move, choosing the right Ecommerce development company in Bahrain, to create a secure payment gateway and integrating it into your website will make for a great user experience. We can help you in doing that we are one among the leading IT Company in Bahrain offering customized eCommerce solutions.