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Mobile Website is something not what you think exactly!

Mobile Website is something not what you think exactly!

What the world should first understand is, mobile website is not native app. They doesn’t serve the same purpose, or at least cannot replace each other. After months of rumors, Facebook finally unveiled Facebook Instant. It’s been clear to everyone that this new feature loads news articles within the Facebook app ten times faster than it took the original app to redirect you to the original article. Major publications like the New York Times, BuzzFeed, and National Geographic have already hopped on board.

While the benefits to Facebook’s news partners aren’t yet clear, Facebook is demonstrating again its ability to capitalize on the strength of native apps to create seamless user experiences. Facebook Instant is a wake-up call to news sites that aren’t performance-optimized.

Speed for real

The web will never emulate native perfectly because of the extra layer of communication involved in using it. Native apps communicate directly with the operating system, but websites communicate first with the browser, which then talks to the OS. Simply put, the web is always going to be slower than native.

Just In Time Interactions

If local experience is the most important aspect of your business, a mobile app may not be necessary. The web is simply more suitable for these kinds of touch-and-go needs. At the same time, native apps operate faster than the web in general. If you have an app’s worth of information or features to share, then an app could have additional uses that will make the customer keep it on their home screen long after the meal is over.

Copy or Share?

Web pages are accessible through URLs with or without an app, which makes sharing information via the web clean and easy. URLs are especially important if your app hasn’t been widely downloaded yet, or if you want the content to be widely accessible to those who haven’t installed it. However, if the app is installed on a many devices, sharing within apps operates like instant messaging. Instead of composing an email message, sharing within an app is, at most, only a few clicks away.





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