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Mobile App Development Process

Developing a mobile app for your business is not a mystery now. If you have decided to develop one that’s really great. Making a successful mobile app is a bit of complex procedure which needs extensive pre planning and analysis. Market Analysis, Type of app for your business, estimated costs, execution all are some points which needs to be noted. But the issue you will be facing is maybe you don’t have much idea on all these process. Don’t worry, The good news is you are not alone. We can help with all those process. We offer customized tailor made solutions for each apps as we know each app is different and our methodologies are always evolving. We follow 8 different steps for Mobile App Development which makes our end product really efficient and feature rich. We will share with you our Methodologies.

The Idea & Pre – Planning

Concept! That’s the master point for any application. First phase is really important, In this phase we define your app ideas, what all features does this app require, Will it ease any issues or, any problem it will solve, target audience, free/ paid, detailed study of competitor app, find out what’s missing in other app which we can include on ours etc.

Mental Prototyping

Our Technical architect will study the plan and comes with the feasible solutions. Creating rough sketches of the idea on a sketch pad, this is the first visual representation of all the screens and will help uncover usability issues.

Technical Feasibility Valuation

Next step is to analyze whether back end systems will support the Apps functionality. Determine for which device you are building your app for, Get access to data- Your mobile app needs to access usable data. Figuring this out could be as simple as sourcing a Public APIs or as complicated as building your own abstraction layer.

Building Prototype

You cannot explain touch experience without being able to touch the app and experience how it works and flows. For this you need to build a prototype and let the users experience the app in their hands as soon as possible. In this phase you can use rough and not exhaustive wireframes. Including the stakeholders in this process and allowing them to touch the prototype shall help you take their feedback and implement it into your work.

Design & Development

Before development you must make a design for your app. A User Experience (UX) Designer can create the interaction architecture of the design elements. A User Interface (UI) Designer for mobile solutions can create the look and feel of your app. This is a multistep process with its own review stages. The end result is visual direction and blueprints that inform your engineers of the envisioned final product and how interaction should feel, move and flow.

Build your App with Agile Practices

Now you have completed all the pre-production work next will be development. Agile methodology is the best approach for mobile application development as it allows you to make changes, add new features and keep evolving with the changing trends.

Testing the mobile App

You have finally completed the app which is feature rich and exciting design, Now the next step is to test it rigorously. Testing of each feature is essential to make it bug free and to make it user friendly. You can also put for BETA testing, Feedback from beta users will help you determine whether or not the app’s functions are operating well in a real-world environment.

Launch your App

You app is complete and ready to launch. Every app requires updates and new features during the mobile application development lifecycle. Typically, the development cycle begins as soon as the first version of the app is released.

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