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12 Tips for Creating a Call to Action Button

Call to action is an essential tool for converting website visitors to takes a next action or taking a step towards goal conversion. It is really important for your business website to include these buttons to improve user interactions and engagements. It builds user trust and gives them a clear way to take an action.

We will share you some tips to improve your Call to Action (CTA) Buttons

Select the apt colors

Colors plays a good role in catching user attention, so play it well. Some colors convert better than the other.

Button Texts

Make sure the button text is easy to read and too long. Choose the font size also correctly, put out the best font and size so as to draw user attention.

Simple and Understanding

The text on your CTA Button should be short and catchy as well as it should be easy to understand.

Compel Viewers to take action

Choose words relate to your offer and prompt your users to take the next action.

Special effects

Try some special effects on your CTA buttons, it helps to catch users attention, getting you more clicks.

Use Whitespace

Avoid overload with too many elements around your button. Include some white space around it to make it stand out.

Be specific

In CTA button you can also include your Offers or Benefits or other details regarding your business offers or news.

Right shape

Commonly used CTA buttons are rectangular ones but you can always try for something different.

Timing of CTA

Timing of CTA is also essential, don’t display it as soon as a visitor lands on your page, it really won’t create a positive influence! First let your visitors understand about your service and then display the appropriate CTA buttons.

Design matters

Add images to your texts, graphics helps to keep more user engagements.

Set the priority

You may be having other buttons too on your website, make sure your CTA is more prominent than the other buttons.


Position of CTA has a good role indeed. It depends as per your webpage try it in different positions and see which position drives you more engagements.

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